Payment by Installments

Payment by Installments of Any Type, Both on Car Services and Spare Parts

Amazing offer from NEW AUTO MOTORS – if you have a car, and you suddenly became participant of a road incident, or your car unexpectedly broke down, or you should repair the car, damaged by you during the road incident, and you don’t have sufficient sum of money, in order to solve the problem there is no need to take on different high-interest online loans, you can just come to NEW AUTO MOTORS and receive desirable auto service with 0% payment by installments.
Don’t limit your comfort, don’t postpone for a long time use of car services and don’t increase your future expenses even more. We can easily help with the solution of your problem. NEW AUTO MOTORS always cares for the customers’ interests.
You can also buy any part for your car without leaving our territory. You can buy both the new and used spare parts.
Recover your vehicle with the guaranteed high quality and pay a monthly small fee without any interest.