NEW AUTO IMPORT Full range of auto imports

The best conditions in Georgia, only in “New Auto Import” can buy and transport cars from anywhere in the world (America, Europe, Japan, Korea)  If you want to buy a brand new car, or if you just got tired of the old one and are looking for something new, Our team of experienced Car Dealers will take care of Selection-Purchase-Transportation process of your desired vehicle. Cars can be purchased anywhere in the world. Additional comfort for our customers is the fact that our car can be purchased with in-house financing, at best terms and with lowest interest rates.
NEW AUTO IMPORT also offers a full service of imported auto equipment at New Auto Motors Multifunctional Auto Service Center. In addition, our customers will be offered a 10% to 30% discount card on any service for any service and subsequently, our club members will receive a 10% discount on any service! Trust the professionals and get the service you want!
To contact the NEW AUTO IMPORT dealer please visit: Khosharauli # 30, 2nd floor of the NEW AUTO MOTORS Business Center or call us at: 577 68 30 30, 577 00 05 93.