MEGA AUTO TRANSPORTER – Auto Import in the Most Flexible Terms! 

Car Imports Only With Us Customized Comfort Terms

1) Did you liked an automobile?
MEGA AUTO TRANSPORTER,  which is part of the NEW AUTO MOTORS Company, is one of the biggest auto delivery group. We offer you finding, buying and transporting any vehicle of your choice from any place around the world! Customers of the MEGA AUTO TRANSPORTER have a benefit of using following flexible services:

  •  Free consultation with experienced auto dealers;
  •  Choosing and buying the desired automobile with maximally acceptable prices;
  •  Quick loading in the container and transporting it to any of the ports;
  •  Domestic transportation using our own evacuators to any spot of Georgia;
  •  Full insurance of the automobile during its transportation;
  •  Full picturization, before and after the loading in the container;
  •  All the expenses here are transparent and well-known to our customers in advance;
  •  Full technical inspection of the vehicle in case of your will;

At MEGA AUTO TRANSPORTER you can use the service of high level service and low prices, and you can also get internal financing terms adapted on your own wills. Only here!!!  Preliminary payment from 20% of the automobile price. Except of the ones listed above, one more advantage we have is, that you can use full auto service of “NEW AUTO MOTORS” Company. With the newest high-tech resources and experienced, professional staff, you can get complete service of any kind and difficulty auto-repairment. Plus, exclusively for our customers we are having special sales and offers.

Use our service and get terms and conditions adapted to your own will! In order to contact with the dealing department of MEGA AUTO TRANSPORTER, come at: Khosharauli str #30, at the territory of the NEW AUTO MOTORS, or call us on the number: 577 17 35 35, 577 00 05 92.