Best quality auto parts and a variety of auto service parts with a quality gurantee.

Since 2016 in the territory of the company NEW AUTO MOTORS has been located an advanced branch of INTER AUTO auto parts store chain, which offers customers a wide choice of auto parts. INTER AUTO offers European quality products at affordable price, exclusively at INTER AUTO you can purchase: oil, batteries, auto parts, products of the world’s leading brands such as: NSL, AUTOPOWER, RIKEN, GERMAN ADLER, BETA GERMAN, GBC, BEX, VECTOR, ZETA, BRAVO, TRW, FUCHS TITAN,CTR.
You can also purchase the highest quality products offered by “Inter Auto” and use the services of “New Auto Motors” such as: oil and filter change in engine, battery replacement / inspection, replacement of spark plugs, tire balance, brake shafts and discs replacement/repair,  suspension services.
Here you will get the highest quality products with professional service!
If you are interested in purchasing INTER AUTO products and services listed above: Khosharauli # 30, NEW AUTO MOTORS Auto Service Center, Shop # 5 or Contact us at: 577 00 00 68