Auto Parts Store

AUTO HUB Auto Shop, Guaranteed quality and qualified service personnel!

New Auto Motors has AUTO HUB auto parts store featuring world-class brands and highly qualified service personnel. You can buy almost any part of a car of any brand here.
The following products are in stock :

  • Batteries – BLIZARO,
  • Oils – Valvoline, Q-8, Castrol, Mobil, Totach ,
  • Brake Systems – Nibk, Remsu
  • Spark Plugs – Nak, Denso, Bosch
  • Filters – SCT, JS Asukash
  • Suspensions – JiKiu, LEMFORDER, Febi, AYD,
  • Swag Engine Parts – ELRing,
  • Dayco Glass Cleaners – JiKiu Belts – Bosch, GMB, Dayc, Meyle

The shop has many years of consultants working to select exactly Your car’s parts, batteries or oils. You have the opportunity to purchase any product needed for your car and to access the appropriate car service at NEW AUTO MOTORS service center.
Anyone interested in purchasing AUTO HUB products and services listed above can visit: Khosharauli # 30,  NEW AUTO MOTORS Auto Service Center, Shop # 4 or Contact us at:  597 53 56 36, 551 78 70 79.